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Customer case Johan Bulow

tamigo has given both management and the employees an overview of the rotas and wages, which we could not have gotten any other way.

The exclusive liquorice brand – Lakrids by Johan Bülow – switched to tamigo's Workforce Management solution back in 2012. The handwritten rotas were quickly replaced by updated and automated rotas, and Lakrids chose to register time via tamigo’s time clock, Touch.

When you only have young people employed, it is a huge plus that communication about the rota and shift exchange takes place via text message on tamigo's user friendly app.

tamigo has not only minimised time-consuming and manual tasks at Lakrids but has also vastly improved employee communication, says Anita Møllebro, Retail Design Manager.

Before tamigo, we sent emails to the staff, but they almost never reacted to them.

Triumph customer case
Every Retail Manager knows how difficult it can be to get a complete overview of the business via an Excel spreadsheet – turnover, productivity and labour costs, etc. It was therefore a simple choice for Triumph Benelux to implement tamigo, to help them to optimise their business by consolidating their information in ONE place.

Our Triumph colleagues in Denmark were already working with tamigo to full satisfaction. It was therefore a logical step for Triumph Benelux to implement tamigo as well.

Lia Vos says that with just a few clicks, tamigo gives Triumph Benelux insight into multiple KPIs, such as budgets, productivity, wage percentage, revenue and labour costs. This makes it easy to benchmark the performance of the Triumph stores, thanks to the consistent and up-to-date data displayed in tamigo.

Being responsible for the payroll, I save a lot of time with tamigo. I can easily export all necessary components for the monthly salary from tamigo to our payroll system.

Bolia customer case

It’s not unusual for retail chains to end up implementing various Workforce Management solutions in each of their locations – all provided by different suppliers.

Bolia (who are present in many European countries), researched the market thoroughly before selecting a Workforce Management solution: “We chose tamigo, as the system already covered in a number of countries and was easy to use,” says International HR Manager, Anette Sørensen.

tamigo provides an invaluable overview of labour costs and a correct payroll process for all stores.

With lots of part-time employees, there are often changes to the rota, but according to Anette Sørensen, tamigo makes these changes super easy to manage with a minimum of administrative resources.

Regardless of country and culture, our initial impression – that tamigo is a user-friendly planning tool for all our employees – has been confirmed.

Sticks N Sushi customer case

Since 2006, tamigo has helped Sticks'n'Sushi improve their daily operations.

“The rota is incredibly easy to manage for the individual planner. And because the rota is constantly updated with new and user-friendly features, it actually just keeps getting easier and easier to use”, says Operations Manager, Tommy Hvid.

Tommy Hvid also thinks the tamigo app is "genius". The app gives both planners and employees access to key functions and information at anytime, anywhere. Planners can offer available bids to employees via the app, while employees can swap shifts and register their time off on the go.

It's also a huge plus that our staff can access our tamigo front page in the web solution and on the app to see pictures and descriptions of our internal campaigns and specials.

As Operations Manager, Tommy Hvid is sure that tamigo's financial overview has a direct influence on Sticks’n’Sushi's revenue. When their budgets are loaded into tamigo, both management and the individual planner can accurately see whether the planned rotas favour the economic framework.

It is incredibly important that we are able to see what our shift schedules costs while we’re making them. In addition, tamigo accurately displays labour costs against revenues across all the restaurants. This flexibility and transparency is for every restaurant chain ‘spot on’.

Danhostel customer case

tamigo creates an overview which means you are always up to date. That's why tamigo is an invaluable tool.

Since 2014, tamigo has been optimising staff management at Danhostel in Helsingør, Denmark. Before tamigo, Danhostel’s employees were registering their hours on pieces of paper.

It was a complete mess before, as employees registered their working hours on a piece of paper, which I then had to go through one by one… if they remembered to hand them at all.

As with any other hotel or hostel, there are seasonal fluctuations at Danhostel. There is a significant increase of young workers during the summer months. Even though peak season means lots of new faces, it doesn’t take Nicolai Stubtoft long to train new employees in how to use tamigo. After a brief introduction, employees can easily start exchanging shifts with one another without management having to be involved.

In the end, all I have to do is approve what the staff have already agreed upon amongst themselves, and that is just brilliant.

Rema1000 customer case

Shopkeepers don't have time to read lengthy manuals. One of the key advantages of tamigo is that new shopkeepers only need a few hours of training.

The easily accessible online rota and the overview of wage percentages were just some of the reasons why the supermarket chain REMA 1000 chose tamigo instead of other Workforce Management solutions in 2008.

Other discount chains have other financial and shift schedule systems that require lengthy courses and continuous updates before the system creates value for the shopkeepers… We chose a different course of action and we have succeeded.

tamigo has not only had a positive effect on the independent REMA 1000 shopkeepers. At the main office in Horsens, Denmark, HR Manager Svend Halse Petersen states that tamigo helps minimise time-consuming administrative tasks and gives headquarters a good overview of the successful supermarket chain.

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